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Cinemalaya 8: Full Force

Just got home from Cinemalaya 2012. Even with the weather, I managed to survive my loooooooooooooong tiiiiiiiiiiiiring day.


12:45 – watched The Animals by Gino M. Santos
I guess you can say that this film promotes awareness regarding this generation’s young adults. Keywords: Vices, Fraternity, School… :p
You can prolly guess why the title is legit for this movie and because Gino is a Party Animal. (lol)

Director of “The Animals” Gino M. Santos, and Actor Albie Casino
Photo-up with Albie Casino.
Photo with Gino Santos 🙂 (Congrats!)

3:30 – Ang Nawawala by ever adorable Marie Jamora
Basically when Gibson (Dom Roco) comes back home he will face situations that will eventually help him solve his problem. Keywords: Twins, Trauma, Rock…. :p

With Director of Ang Nawawala, Marie Jamora 🙂
with Marc Abaya. Watch Ang Nawawala to catch his awesome role. 😉
Dom Roco plays Gibson for Ang Nawawala, watch it! 🙂 (photo taken after watching Intoy Syokoy)
with Dom again after Ang Nawawala
one of the cast of Ang Nawawala who has the konyokomedy role 🙂
Alchris Galura, and HOT&ShhMexy Mercedes Cabral as Simone Sales
Ang Nawawala booth merchandise 🙂

6:15 – Intoy Syokoy sa Kalye Marino by Lemuel Lorca
Medyo mahalay (lol). Lahat nang problema halos naranasan na ni Intoy (exaggeration). Keywords: Love Story, Tahong, Sakit :p

Cinemalaya 2012
from Left, Joross Gamboa, LJ Reyes, JM de Guzman, Boy Abunda, Arnold Reyes at Cinemalaya 2012; Saturday July 21 for the Gala of Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino
Cinemalaya 2012
Producer Boy So, Actor Joross Gamboa, Boy Abunda, and Actress LJ Reyes. At CCP after the gala screening of Intoy Syoko ng Kalye Marino last July 21, Saturday.
Cinemalaya 2012
EXCLUSIVE Photo-up of Intoy Syokoy’s Executive Producer Boy Abunda and Actress Lj Reyes. After the gala screening at CCP last Saturday, July 21.
Cinemalaya 2012
Director of Intoy Syokoy Lemuel “Lem” Lorca hugs actor JM de Guzman after the gala screening. (photo by Hukbong JM member)
photo-up with Boy Abunda, JM de Guzman, Joross Gamboa, and Lj Reyes

Those three has the conventional factor to it...

9:00 – Kamera Obskura by Raymond Red
Filipino Silent Film. \m/ Keywords: Political, Historical, Comedy.
Paying homage to silent films.

Cinemalaya 2012
from left, Ceci Meneses, Colleague, Director/Producer Raymond Red, and Film Archivist Teddy Co, and me. Photo from Ceci Meneses during the Opening of Cinemalaya 2012 July 20, 2012.

Director of Ang Mumunting Lihim, Jose “Joey” Javier Reyes
July 21, 2012 (photo by Rose Lope)
boy So, Boy abunda, JM de Guzman
Dominic Roco and JM de Guzman bumps into each other after the gala screening of Intoy Syokoy, Saturday; July 21, 2012 (photo by Rose Lope)

Please do support Philippine Independent Films! Thank You!


The Mall Of Asia Eye

with Leticia & Lauren

As promised, another update the new attractions at SM Mall of Asia.

Title: MOA’s Amusement Park
Writing for News and Public Affairs 2011-2012
St. Scholastica’s College – Manila
Mass Communication: Broadcast Journalism
Professor Jenny Reyes

Shot & Edited by: Rose Lope
Special Thanks to: Ivy Morales, Rhaya Lodhi, and Daniel Llagas

12/14/11 – Mall Of Asia’s Ferris Wheel

So as to my previous blog about MOA’s New attraction being similar with the other tourist attractions like the London eye, etc.

Today, we went back to MOA for a shoot, and voila ! the Ferris Wheel is done!

My sources say that it operates by December 16th; 4pm.

This ride has two kinds, the Regular, and (drum roll please) V.I.P.

Regular are priced 100+ but probably not higher than 200php (hopefully)

V.I.P – would probably be 200+ and the only different between the Regular and VIP is the seat and the tinted ‘privacy’ windows.

So there, trust that I shall return to MOA and tell you more about this shindig. 😀


the Wheel of the Future

Mall Of Asia, builds its own Carnival by the bay.

with the feel of Santa Monica Ferris Wheel, The Singapore Flyer, and the London Eye.

(The Singapore Flyer)

(the London Eye)

(Santa Monica Beach Ferris Wheel)

So, last night me and my friend went to Mall of Asia to watch the movie ‘Immortals’. Then after, we went to the sea side and went for a little walk. It was already midnight, and there’s still tons of people wandering around.

A lot of attractions were added by the bay, tons of kiddy rides.

Then to my surprise, I saw a big white snow flake like infrastructure. Its still unfinished but I got a hinch that it would be MOA’s own, Ferris Wheel.

I bet the construction of this building will finish before the end of the year.

Thinking about it further, I bet Henry Sy will have extra income with MOA’s new ‘Storyland’. Warning though, where MOA is standing, its a reclamation area, a piece of the ocean waiting to be returned. And with the unpredictable weather, you dunno where the money goes after a serious weather malfunction.


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