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This post is dedicated to these three ‘must see’ films. The Quiz Show (1994), Shattered Glass, and Jay. This films have one thing subject in common, it is to present ethical issues made by the media.



The Quiz Show


“…I thought we were gonna get television, but the truth is, television’s gonna get us…” -Richard Goodwin (The Quiz Show 1994)


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If I were Charles Van Doran, and I have a well off family with a reputation, I would not take that Quiz Show offer. I guess he was blinded by the easy instant money he will get. In the scene where Charlie was given the question he already knew the first time he joined Twenty One, he knew that it was all a set up, he was already thinking of not answering or answering, then greed takes place, he should not have answered.

Herbie is no excuse as well, when he was asked to “dive”? He shouldn’t have, he should have answered “Marty”! For pete’s sake! (and I thought he cared for his family…) He still has his rights even if the producers threaten him, Herbie can just quit the show afterwards he didn’t need to lose his dignity (and control) in national television.

As for Richard Goodwin, he’s fighting the possibly impossible, which proves he’s last statement towards the end of the film w/c was, “I thought we were gonna get television, but the truth is, television’s got us…”

The film carried the four dimensions of  mass communication: Political, Social, Economic, Cultural.

(1) The owner of NBC cared about the company and how the jury’s decisions affect/damage their company. So he asked Charlie to make a  statement, and during the hearing for the President of NBC and Gerotol, they denied whatever is accused to them, protecting their economic value. (2) One of the Producers said that T.V. is for entertainment, and they’re just doing what they can to gain audience in a way therefore somehow admitting the manipulation of their audience. “The audience didn’t tune in with just the amazing display of intellectual ability, they just wanted to watch the money…” stated by Martin Rittenhome (GEROTOL) during his talk with Goodman.

Dan Enright: “Yes, we did one thing wrong, we went too successful, those  advertising dollars came from somewhere why do you think the magazines and newspapers are making such a big thing about this?…”

Freedman: “Well sir, I don’t know what else to say, give the public what they want, it’s like business, it’s not like the quiz show is a public utility, it’s entertainment, it’s not like we’re hardened criminals here, we’re in show business…”



Shattered Glass


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“You have to know who you’re writing for, and you have to know where you’re good at. I record what people do, find out what moves them, what scares them, and I write that down, that way they’re the ones that tells the story, and you know what?  those kinds of pieces win Pulitzers’ too…” Stephen Glass (Shattered Glass)

If I were Stephen, if he really was a good journalist? I would personally know how unethical it is to possibly even make this mistake. Fabrication is a big “NO” in journalism. It’s a source of FACTUAL INFORMATION. He seemed Psychotic in the movie. Anyway, the process of checking the facts wasn’t thorough. Maybe because the staff seems to trust Stephen that much. Besides, out of 41 articles published he did have 14 ‘real’ articles, which may have proved his credibility as a Journalist at some point. But even the smartest has its flaws, it just differs from circumstances. To be a Journalist he/she must abide by the rules and conduct proper writing. Its not enough for Stephen to memorize the Code of ethics, I think he needs to print and frame it.  He thought of too much ‘entertainment’ because he probably thought it would help “The New Republic” to gain more audience, and of course his followers. Well, he’s young, his bosses claims, guess, he has the right to make his mistakes, and get back on track, which he did eventually.


Stephen Glass: There’s so many show offs in Journalism, so many braggers and jerks, there always selling, always working in the room, always trying to make themselves look hotter than they already are. The good news is, reporters like that make it easy to distinguish yourself. If you’re even a little bit humble, a little self a facing or solicidist, you stand out. So you bring a co-workers lunch when she’s buried in her deadline, you remember birthdays. It’s true Journalism is hard work, everybody’s under pressure, everybody’s grinding to get the issue out, nobody’s getting any sleep, but you are allowed to smile every once in a while. I mean one word in Bernstine went out for burger now and then, and they will appeal to. Some reporter thinks it’s political content that makes their story memorable, I think it’s the people you find, their querks, flaws, what makes them funny, human, Journalism is just the art of capturing behavior…”



JAY (2008by Francis Pasion


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There goes the television acting. I still can’t believe the re-enactment of those dramatically shot scenes. But I guess Jay (Baron Geisler) was just following orders from his Producer to make a better shot/scene, to create more audience. But really, if I were to cover this kind of story? I would have hired actors to do an re-enactment or such, I should have stuck to the original shots, so it will give a sense of reality. Actually, come to think of it, it’s a challenge of how you as a journalist can show “reality in reality”. The ethical issue of honesty. How far can you act on something that is not acted?

Grabe! hirap i-explain! nosebleed na ko! Basta! dito sa palabas na to, pinapakita kung pano nagiging peke ang totoong pangyayare, na tolerated by media (kuno).



How far can you go for something you want, have to do? Charlie, Stephen, and Jay, all three had a choice between right and wrong, but they shouldn’t have made a ‘choice’ in fact, they don’t need choices, everyone should do what’s right. BUT, I guess, you can’t really figure out what’s right if you don’t make something wrong…


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