believe and change

While waiting for the next Naruto Shippuden episode which is to be aired on thursday, I took the liberty of reading a manga called “Gakuen Alice” a.k.a. “Alice Academy” (look it up in google). Anyway, it was turned into an anime series but only aired one season, but the manga version is still on its continuity. I guess I have been reading and watching a synonymous top level idea from both Naruto and Alice Academy. These Japanese composed stories all give me the same reaction. Both of these stories I have encountered tells me that the main characters has the power to change people’s heart (from negative to positive) and that all the supporting characters show that they completely believe in that person no matter what. Not to mention the sacrifice they all are willing to make just for that person’s sake. Seems like I’ve crossed upon a plot where ordinary characters in a story are made to be supernatural heroes. 

Heck if I know what I’m saying at the moment, but I’m enjoying these kinds of stories. Wayyyyyyyyy to go!



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