“the power of believing”

yet another quote from Naruto. Today when I got home I shed tears. It wasn’t sadness nor joy, it was a feeling of reassurance. Now I know that they still believe in me, that I can catch up and prove myself, now I need to start truly believing in myself and in what I’m worthy of. Before I kept saying “I can do it…” but I was to scared to grow-up. I didn’t want to work hard nor face my fears, I completely hid myself in shadows, relied on a world that I created, instilled a belief that I only new, lowered my standards and resisted acceptance. I wanted to be respected, acknowledged, and trusted, but I kept being blinded of what I “wanted”, I wasn’t able to return the favor, I continued to stay in the shadows where I was weak, stubborn, lazy, and a complete fool. Now, they’re showing me I’m worthy to be a graduate of Mass Comm in 2013, I must pull myself together, completely face my fears, prove myself, be responsible, and dedicated. There are no mistakes, just wrong choices, and it is my mission to resolve and learn from it. I have yet to know if I would make it, but if they believe in me, with that said, I will truly WORK my A** OFF! \m/ Thank you God.


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