Naruto Shippuden Episode 136 – The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo Sharingan

Watching Itachi and Sasuke battle is like watching a Sherlock Holmes movie, everything must be anticipated or else you’ll lose and die. With this two having the same eyes, every move is considered predicted that’s why it urges such power unimaginable. Sadly, Itachi is at his weakness, so I couldn’t really agree with the fact that Sasuke defeated his brother and had his vengeance. I can see that at the very end Itachi showed inconsistency with his actions causing viewers such as myself confusion. Apparently Season 6 is dedicated to the remaining Uchihas. In this season Madara Uchiha has finally been revealed. There’s also Itachi wanting to converse a matter with Naruto which wasn’t shown completely to us audience. Then there’s Itachi reminiscing the past between him and Sasuke. Lastly, at the near end of their battle, he forcibly lifted the curse mark from Sasuke.

I have watched this season twice now, and both from different perspectives. It seems that Itachi hated his clan’s system, and was more inclined to the safety of the Hidden Village. He carries the Will of Fire. For making such great sacrifice until the very end.

I’ve been blabbing this much already it sickens me. Proves that I’m quite addicted to this series and its genius plotting.

Anyway, click here to watch the fight.


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