Genius Anime series, Naruto

“’re going to face lots of pain and hardship. Be true to yourself. Have a dream and have the confidence to make that dream come true! There’s so much more that i want to pass on to you I wish I could stay with you longer. I love you.”
– Uzumaki Kushina to son Naruto
Naruto Shippuden season 12 episode 249

who would’ve thought? such Ideology shown in an underestimated anime series, Naruto: Shippūden.
my personal fave as of the moment is Season 8’s episode 173-174 “where pain and vengeance are described in a cycle, however one must forgive fully to put a stop to the cycle, then comes peace.”

Yep, no matter how many violence this series may portray there’s more to learn for anyone who has a keen understanding. Thus, this series is special to me, I grew up with it, watching it, being inspired of it, there’s so much hidden messages that are waiting to be discovered! Such an adventure! published as a Manga in the year of 1997 became an action anime by 2002 and continually aired at present, this series sure is GENIUS.

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