Domino by Jessie J

Just after Christmas, Jessie J, releases her last music video for the year!
Domino was leaked several months during Jessie’s release of her Music Video for ‘Who You Are’. The song gained several rumors of Katy Perry’s involvement, like singing as a back-up, and even in writing the song. But to this point where British singer sings it alone, on her music video everyone starts to compare her with Perry.

BUT WHO CARES!? I love Jessie J! for me her music was all over my ear drums this year! started out with that Price Tag song!!! X)

Back in 2008 it was When You Look Me in the Eyes!

2009 I Kissed a Girl and Hot n Cold the ”Katy Perry Year”

2010 Pokerface and all things ”GAGA”

2011 was tough, Price Tag and Just the Way You Are charted like FOREVER! 😀

So enough chitty chat, here’s Jessie J, with Domino 😉

Loved it aye? well, below are screencaps that i took for everyone to grab 😉

I love these frames 🙂

Specially Jessie J’s ”London Boy’ shirt and studded cap 😉



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