to the best Mom in the World

Hi Mama!

Three words can’t simply describe how I feel about you but it can simply fill the heart with the feeling of warmth and care.

First, Sorry if I’m lazy its not forever, PROMISE. I’m working on it. TRUST me. Even in school, I’m being trained. EFFECTIVELY.

Second, I have a lot of things to apologize about, and I wish it’ll all be forgotten.  The tears you shed when I was a wreck. Hoping all those bad things fly away with 2011.

Third, as much as I want you to have your dream birthday, that is, to have a day of peace, relaxation, and happiness, apparently it can’t be done in this reality. I suggest let’s sleep at it, and dream. But of course you can’t actually have fun with that huh?

Which brings me to the …

Fourth, a special presentation from your number one angels. The angels whom you always say, the reason for your being.

Lastly, A kiss and a Hug to make you feel the tenderness and sincerity of my words. I love you Mama. With all the struggles you’ve been through, couldn’t have asked for a better mother than you, my hero. You’re the best!

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