Owen Wilson

Geez, what to say about Owen… I always fancied how he puts humor to his characters. When he’s able to make me cry and laugh at the same time, he’s a professional. Still, when you say Owen Wilson, all I see is cheesy comedy. Not to mention romantic-comedy films.

Wedding Crashers was one of the first films I watched of him (well 80 days around the world with Jackie Chan was first of course)

Owen Wilson + Vince Vaughn + Christopher Walken + Amy Adams = Crazy

As for the Top level idea, “Life’s a party, Crash it” …


Now this next movie of Owen made me cry. Reading the book made me tear, but the movie made me cry. Pretty unusual for me, usually my imaginations are much more believable than watching movies. But in my defense, Owen and Jennifer Aniston’s acting were great. Emotional. Heart warming. I definitely felt the family ‘vibe’.

Oh! and when ……….. can’t tell the whole story if you haven’t read or seen it yet. Might spoil your taste.

“Their relationship wasn’t going anywhere until one little thing tied it all together”…


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