Bubble Boy

Bubble Boy is about a this boy who doesn’t have an Immune system. His mom puts him in isolation with a round plastic to prevent him from immune diseases, gaining him a name of “Bubble Boy” by their neighborhood. But later on the story ‘Bubble Boy’, Jimmy discovers the fun outside his bubble and finds his teenage crush Chloe. Stop her from marrying the wrong man and finally tells her how he really feels.

With all the adventures he’d been through, his mom was forced to tell the truth about Jimmy’s health. That when Jimmy was 4 yrs. old he had grown his immune system, and that she only isolated jimmy because of the ‘harsh’ world outside.

Then, Jimmy and Chloe eventually gets married and live happily ever after.

Like the movie’s top level idea, “Life is an adventure, don’t blow it”

This movie has a lot more in it, like the comedic features. Jake Gyllenhaal is a dream. Even with is nerdy freak character, he’s really gorgeous.

catch this movie on Fox Family Movies


Now, for my eyes’ content I’m posting some of Jake’s Photos in a slideshow ❤

Gotta LOVE HIM ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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