the Wheel of the Future

Mall Of Asia, builds its own Carnival by the bay.

with the feel of Santa Monica Ferris Wheel, The Singapore Flyer, and the London Eye.

(The Singapore Flyer)

(the London Eye)

(Santa Monica Beach Ferris Wheel)

So, last night me and my friend went to Mall of Asia to watch the movie ‘Immortals’. Then after, we went to the sea side and went for a little walk. It was already midnight, and there’s still tons of people wandering around.

A lot of attractions were added by the bay, tons of kiddy rides.

Then to my surprise, I saw a big white snow flake like infrastructure. Its still unfinished but I got a hinch that it would be MOA’s own, Ferris Wheel.

I bet the construction of this building will finish before the end of the year.

Thinking about it further, I bet Henry Sy will have extra income with MOA’s new ‘Storyland’. Warning though, where MOA is standing, its a reclamation area, a piece of the ocean waiting to be returned. And with the unpredictable weather, you dunno where the money goes after a serious weather malfunction.


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