Taylor Swift and Lucas Till “Kiss” – You Belong With Me Music Video




15 thoughts on “Taylor Swift and Lucas Till “Kiss” – You Belong With Me Music Video”

  1. okay, so. yes, she is VERY LUCKY. :] like, CRAZY lucky. but, then again, she chose him to be in the video. smart girl- she knew what she was doing. :’DDD and, to take the pictures, just print screen it and crop to how you like it. ❤

  2. HI, WHat you think of the kiss of taylor and lucas? I thinck is very perfect. They are a couple to die for, but is my option!I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!! oh, sorry more i think you could leave the blog more beutful! sorry again, but it is true that your blog is ugly. SORRY

  3. i love lucas till muaa muuaaa i love you lucas till of the taylor swift my favorit song o my favorit is fantastic kiss good vay lucas

  4. Im so damm jealous of Taylor Swift right now, I mean Lucas is drop-dead out of this world amazingly gorgeous! I think that the video is amazing! It could become a movie and if it does i want those exact actors for it! Love the KISS! Taylor Swift really puts alot f effort into her music videos and I give her a huge pat on the back for it. And as for Lucas and Miley, not as destined as Taylor and Lucas! A forever couple! Hope they realize it!:)

  5. Beyonce ends her concert with her sweet, angelic “Halo” and her reflections on fame. She then does the unthinkable and dives suitable into the crowd. It’s shocking to see certainly one of the biggest stars let go slightly and there she is with her fans and they really like each minute of it! And she says, “I Am…Yours”!

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