The reason why i put this up because most of our class is an avid fan of rihanna and chris brown. I bring you the story:
Chris Brown Threatened To Kill Rihanna

A source close to the Rihanna beating investigation told E! News that Rihanna alleged to police that Chris Brown choked her while threatening to kill her and, subsequently, she lost consciousness.

From the source: They began fighting after leaving Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party late Saturday. Shortly after midnight, things blew up. Brown pulled his silver Lamborghini to the side of a street in LA’s Hancock Park neighborhood. That’s when Rihanna grabbed the car keys and tossed them out the window, sending Brown into a rage.

He tried in vain to find the keys, then came back to the car, put his hands around her neck and, according to the insider, said, ‘I’m going to kill you!’ Rihanna told police that she lost consciousness, and when she awoke, Brown had fled. Her right eye was blackened and badly swollen and she had hand prints on her arms.

The responding officers were so concerned about her, they drove Rihanna to the hospital in their squad car instead of waiting for an ambulance. Officers took two sets of photographs, one at the scene and the second after she was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment.

Those photos were presumably among the evidence presented to the district attorney. After being treated for her injuries, police escorted her down a rear elevator and into a waiting Mercedes. Chris booked on suspicion of making criminal threats. He was released after posting $50,000 bail.

His lawyer, Mark Geragos, has not responded to repeated requests for comment on the allegations. Brown’s publicist also has not commented. A spokeswoman for Rihanna declined to comment specifically on details of the fight and the arrest and stuck to her earlier statement from Sunday: ‘Rihanna is well.
Thank you for concern and support.’
Brown Beat Rihanna Over BOOTY CALL

Rihanna’s beating by Chris Brown started with a text message, reports NYDN. The fight that landed Rihanna in the hospital ignited when singer Chris Brown got a text message from another woman. The source said:

‘He got a booty call. He got a text. Rihanna saw it and she got upset. They started to argue. She got out of the car. He wanted her to get back in, so he grabbed her. She pulled away. That’s when she’s told people he hit her.’

Rihanna had ‘visible injuries’ when cops arrived. She’s been cooperating with the investigation ever since, while not speaking with Brown. ‘Chris has been trying to contact her. So far she hasn’t taken his call. Her family is on their
way to be with her. She has some close girlfriend looking after her.’

NOTE: Chris Brown’s Doublemint gum and Got Milk? ad campaigns have been suspended. Rihanna has canceled her Jakarta concert, much to fans dismay.
Brown & Rihanna Abusive Relationship

Rihanna told law enforcement that Chris Brown has attacked her before. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles County District Attorney has ordered police to further investigation because evidence against Chris is still lacking. However, he will almost certainly be charged with felony domestic battery.

According to the police report, here is what happened that fateful night: After Chris received a text message from a woman who wrote about getting together, an argument erupted. By the way, initially, Rihanna would not tell cops what started the argument.

She did, however, tell them that during the argument, he started hitting her. She ordered him to drive her home and ‘faked a call’ to someone, saying things like, ‘He’s dropping me off. Make sure the cops are there.’ Rihanna told cops the fake call enraged Brown. He said something to the effect of ‘You are really fu**ed up now. I’m going to kill you.’

This statement is the basis of the criminal threats charge. At that point, Brown allegedly began a violent attack with his fists. At some point, Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition and threw them outside. According to the police report, she told cops this was not the first time Brown hit her..
She referred to it as an ongoing and escalating abusive relationship. The criminal threats charge is based on that one statement Brown allegedly made. As one law enforcement source told us, ‘It’s kinda weak, and the DA is not going to prosecute a high profile case like this unless it’s solid.’

That’s why it was kicked back for further investigation. Given the brutal nature of the attack, which the photos clearly show , contusions on the face, swollen eyes, cut lip, bloody nose, bite marks on fingers and arm, a felony domestic battery charge is virtually a done deal. That, however, is a less serious offense than making criminal threats.
Chrianna’s Parents SPEAK OUT

Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, talked to People about when he first heard that his daughter had been attacked by Chris Brown, ‘I didn’t believe it. I know my daughter. You think you know somebody, but you really don’t.’

On Ri’s current condition: ‘There is some bruising. She will be alright. I think so. At some point, she will speak out. I hope she will stand up for women all over the world.. They seemed pretty happy. I don’t know what went wrong.’

Chris Brown’s biological father, Clinton Brown, told People: ‘Chris is reflecting on this situation. He’s very remorseful. He’s very concerned about the situation and he wants to make sure that [Rihanna’s] okay. This is unfortunate, this stumble, this situation. Hopefully, he will get past it. We all have our shortcomings.

We all trip. There are two sides to every story. If you are on his side, you are on his side. Just because someone trips, if you are truly a fan, you are not going to demonize him instantaneously.’

Brown worries about the public backlash: ‘This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions. He will continue to be a good person. He loves people. And like most of us, most humans, things will occur.

Hopefully a person won’t be judged simply on that alone. As a father, I couldn’t be more proud.. He’s the light of my life. I think he’s going to grow as an individual. He’s going to take from this situation and learn from it.’
Rihanna ‘I Still Love
Chris Brown!’

Rihanna’s fatal attraction to Chris Brown, she still loves him! Star examines what made Chris snap, why Rihanna can’t let him go and how she still calling and texting him. According to Us Weekly, Rihanna visited a doctor in Barbados last Friday, who is concerned about injuries to the her head.

A friend revealed: ‘It was because of the endless headaches she’s been having since Chris hit her The doctors were concerned about the contusions on the sides of her head.’

Rihanna is also torn over helping LAPD officials build a case against Chris. The friend added: ‘I mean, damn, her eye’s black and the sides of her face are all f***** up. But she keeps saying she still loves him.’
Chris Brown Tried To
Murder Rihanna?

At the request of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Chris Brown is being investigated for felonies, including domestic violence, assault resulting in great bodily injury and based on specific allegations made by Rihanna, even attempted murder, a source told E! News.

Prosecutors fear that proving any serious felony charges would be difficult in a case where there are no direct witnesses other than Rihanna and Brown. Brown is accused of beating Rihanna the morning of Feb. 8, causing them both to cancel their scheduled Grammy performances that night.

Rihanna told police that, while the two were fighting in his rented Lamborghini, Brown said to her, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ while his hands were around her neck. The Barbados-born songstress, who is reportedly cooperating with the cops’ investigation, also told authorities that Brown choked her until she lost consciousness..

Brown was booked by police on suspicion of making criminal threats, but the DA’s office wanted further investigation into the incident before it decided on pressing charges. Chris is currently back home with his family in Virginia.

Rihanna was treated after the incident at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was discharged the following night. She spent last week with her family in Babardos before departing for parts unknown.



2 thoughts on “RIHANNA BEATEN UP BY CHRIS BROWN Picture”

  1. I hope that they put this guy in jail. There is NO excuse for this, no excuse.

    We have a mouth and we can express our anger and talk. Actually a singer should at least be able to talk.

    For the other girls, never accept abuse, any type of abuse.

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