joe-jonas-date.jpgCamp Rock girls revealed to OK! the secrets to win over Joe Jonas‘ heart.
Joe on girls: ‘I like someone who doesn’t try too hard, and someone who can understand my crazy schedule. I want to meet a girl who walks into a room and doesn’t just greet the people who she thinks she should greet, but she greets everybody like they’re all the same.

I think that’s very important. I’m also looking for somebody who is fun and laughs at my jokes, even if they’re not funny. You know what? I love girls and I love to date and have a good time. What can a girl do to catch my eye? Just come up and say hi. Be yourself.’

Demi Lovato: ‘Make Joe laugh. I’ve heard him say in a lot of interviews that he’s a big fan of comedy, so if you can make him laugh, you’re on the right track. I’ve never tried to woo him myself, so this is pretty difficult to answer – but I think humour is the best way to his heart. Make him smile!’

Meaghan Jette Martin: ‘Joe isn’t the kind of guy who likes to be serious all the time, so keep it light-hearted and fun. Don’t talk about politics or anything heavy like that! Joe is funny and he loves to laugh, so do something crazy that will bring a smile to his face.’


Jasmine Richards: ‘What should a girl wear if she wants to woo Joe? Don’t wear a dress and don’t wear high heels. Be comfortable. If I went on a date with Joe, I’d wear a funny Power Rangers T-shirt with some sneakers and shorts. Be comfortable. That’s the key!

The ideal venue for a first date with Joe would have to be an amusement park or somewhere you can have fun. Amusement parks always bring out the inner child in you and that’s what he loves. Perhaps a date to a carnival would also work? Or maybe somewhere with clowns? You could both have your face painted so that Joe is in disguise and no-one would know he’s there. That way you’d get no hassle from other fans at all!’

Anna Maria Perez De Tagle: ‘It’s important to be yourself. Be outgoing. Joe will bring out the little kid in you because it’s like he’s three years old at times – and that’s so funny. He wants a girl who can keep a conversation going and a girl who has a lot to say, as well as keep him laughing. Good luck!’

‘Joe is crazy and energetic. He’s always trying to make people laugh. He channels that little kid inside and he’s so funny to watch. I can’t believe that he’s nearly 20. He does not act his age at all, but I love it. It’s crazy. If you want to win him over, you’ve got to be a joker, too.’

Alyson Stoner: ‘What’s the best way to Joe’s heart? You have to be unique and you can’t be afraid to stand out. When it comes to fashion, I think he’s looking for someone who is very loud – someone who knows what they want and is not afraid to express themselves through their clothes. Joe loves interesting people and people who don’t just settle for yes or no. He wants a girl who is going to make a difference.

Joe loves to dance and he loves to laugh, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s the king of funny dancing. On the set of Camp Rock, he used to try to do the splits so many times in those tight little trousers of his. He can actually do the splits now. If there’s a girl out there who can do the splits, then Joe is your man!’

Joe’s Favorite things:

Favourite snack: ‘Organic peanut butter on red apples. It’s so good!’ Favourite school subject: ‘Social Studies.’ Favourite dessert: ‘Mochi. It’s an Asian ice cream, which I love.’ Favourite drink: ‘Sparkling water. I’m trying to be healthy!’ Favourite pizza topping: ‘Barbecue chicken’

Favourite instrument: ‘I love playing the guitar. I started to learn about
five years ago, and I haven’t stopped since.’ Favourite author: ‘Dr Seuss.’ Favourite sandwich: ‘Peanut butter and jelly with potato chips inside, too.’ Favourite TV shows: ‘Heroes and Lost. They’re awesome!’ Favourite word: ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’


9 thoughts on “HOW TO DATE JOE JONAS”

  1. i really like these things about Joe Jonas ever since i liked that little part about him I’ve been so addicted to him.From all the articles i have read about him I’m sure that Joe Jonas is a datable person :)……………………P.S. i like his humor ……….and ……if Joe would date a girl he really likes that girl would be the luckiest girl in the world .

    -XOXO Mariel

  2. He’s so amazing! He’s really funny. All teh video’s of him on youtube have hiom doing something funny. If I were Taylor Swift I would never have let him go…
    I’m a little bit like him in that I’m quite immature at times but also more mature than my age at other times. I love to have a good laugh and I’m always making people laugh whether it be at me or with me. I really wish I could meet him and his brothers. Meeting Nick would help me so much as I’m a type 1 diabetic and I’m finding it very hard to manage and some encouragement from someone like Nick…Wow! That would be so amazing, you have no idea! Haha! I’m a chatterbox. Joe certainly wouldn’t get bored with me around. I could talk for Britain! Ahhhh! I wish I could go to their concert in Wembley.
    Oh and I just want to say that Kevin is SOOOO funny in Camp Rock. I was laughing like crazy when he said about the bird house! Haha!

  3. well i like all of the things joe does amd im 2 years younger then him and all my frieds ink that me and joe will make a good couple.

  4. yes joe jonas is deffently an enjoyable guy has a relly good sinse of humor i like him in fact evrybody is crasy about him i knew he’s a good looking guy and i has been in while in love whit him let me just say i like him i am not trying to say that i am a fan of him any away you knew why i felt this away to him ? because he’s so himself maybe i don’t knew him and i didn’t see him but in many video of him but he look very cool and amazing so whatever the girl that she’s goinging to date him just be you’re self and enjoye it because i am never goinging to date him or to see him or even to go to he’s concert why ? it’s secret, not because i don’t live in los angeles or dalls texas but it’s my problem any away like i said enjoye it and live your dream like any body elese …

  5. I LOVE joe jonas xox

    😉 lol
    me and my friend sophie absoultly love the jonas brothers and there songs its too bad im only 12 but it could work i look older 😛
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    All my friends think im funny and can be act quite immature sometimes so we would be perfect together x

    im nearly 13 he’s nearly 20 it would be thew perfect couple
    🙂 Love you joe

    love Eileish xx


  6. hi my name is shania i love Joe Jonas i wanted to asked if Joe Jonas would date me i’m 15 years old i have brown hair and green eyes. Please call me at this number 473 6212

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