Demi Lovato ‘I Am Not A Cutter’

Demi Lovato ‘I Am Not A Cutter’

demi-lovato-wrist.jpgdemi-lovato-cutter.jpg Finally putting an end to this. Demi Lovato‘s rep denies that she is a ‘cutter’.Demi Lovato cutter’ racked up to 65,000 search results on Google, because pictures emerged of her accidentally flashing red marks on her inner wrist during Miley Cyrus’ Disneyland birthday bash in October.

Rep, ‘These allegations are completely false. Demi was wearing several tight plastic bracelets earlier that day which left indentations on her wrist.’

53 thoughts on “Demi Lovato ‘I Am Not A Cutter’”

  1. i think demi is a big fat liar she says that she is not a cutter and yet there is proof that she has cut her rists in this photo so she needs to, get her life sorted and we all dont know what else she could be lying about

  2. Ummm,

    Btw, she has to be a cutter,

    I know what cut marks look like,and those are fer sure cut marks!
    But its not like the baddest thing ever,so,it dont really matter,she’ll get over it…

  3. OMG! “blahblah” YOUR SUCHA BITCH! if u dnt have anything nice to say..then dont say anything! your sucha fucking hater! SHUT UP!

  4. whether she is or not, it takes absolutely nothing away from her incredible talent. We all deal with pain or depression or whatever YOU want to call it in different matters. She wouldn’t be the first and most definitely not the last.

    btw; photoshop can do wonders. how exactly do we know these pictures are unedited? i can add cuts and scars to just about anything. The media will do anything to gain attention ad ratings.

    1. ok kid, listen. idols make mistakes and idols aren’t perfect. everyone should be their own idol because at least we know wat we are doing. u shouldnt have idols. its only causes pain.

  5. wtf- she’s totally not!!!!
    and she’s not fat… when ppl say someone is fat when they are totally not then that must mean you are fat or a nasty skinny whore.

  6. i dont care what u think of me but i konw i did not cut myself i made a brc.and i tied it then i burnt the strings down so the only way to take it off was to cut it and i cought mty wrist on fire and it cracked my wrist so i thank the one who appreciate me and think i have talent

    1. hi demi i am ur biggest fan, and i know u didnt cut urself, but i just wanna say that if u have ever thought about it iv done it before, and it didnt do anything to help me, also what is your real facebook? x
      and u have loads talent! x

  7. take it from a cutter… THOSE ARE NOT CUT MARKS!!! the bracelet story sounds very likely being that i’ve worn tight bracelets as well and thats wat happends.

  8. ok even if she is a cutter or not, so what???
    if she is, it surely does not help it being publisized and instead her family and friends should help her.
    if she’s not? great!
    either way, it’s NO ONE else’s business but hers.
    I know how it feels to get judged over scars.
    cutting is part of my PAST.
    and when it was in my life? yeah people assume the worst.

  9. listen up people my gurl demi is not a cutter u f=can frame her all u want the only people who cut themseleves r the people who live messed up lives and i want u 2 know demi is a star and she does have stress on her sometimes and she is always followed aroud but it does not efect her enough 2 cut herself but listen even if she did cut her self which she doesnt she would still have the same amout of respect she has now and she would still have the same self of steam levle and talent so i rea;y dont see the point at all of making up all these rumors because you cant hurt her if she dosent care wat other people think or write about her and she sure dosent so just stop being jealous u ugly haters

  10. demi lovato iz not a cutter ya mayb shes goth wateva all i no iz dat u guys are a bunch crap talkers that need to stop bein like that she didnt do anyhting wrong to u pathedic losers so GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!

  11. .:who gives a shit if she’z a cutter!:.
    – datz her own life so jus leave her tha fuck alone pussy’s-
    *i bet yuh wud b pissed if dey were talkin shit bout yuh!*
    {get a fuckin life}
    ^so stop talkin shit bout her cuz i’ll knock yuh tha fuck out!!!^

    1. thank you very much I am Demi myself yes and thank you for calling me a lazy fat bitch PS everyone thinks I am cutting my self but I am not my cat keeps clawing me ( she is brain damaged ) why do those gossip people say that they don’t even bother to ask so thanks again for calling me a lazy fat bitch PS I jog every day thank you very much.

  12. Demi does not cut herself…. Based on psycological evidence her personality does not match that of one who would actually cut themselves. A certain personality is fixed within one that tries to take the pain away by cutting themselves. Demi does not hide her wrists either. I like Demi and her music so I will carefully defend her position as a non-cutter.

  13. I think she is a cutter. I know what self-inflicted cuts look like (from experience) and I wear that kind of bracelets. The bracelets don’t leave marks like that. I think people just need to leave her alone. If she does cut, it’s none of your fucking business!

  14. Okay.. i personally have no idea about if her story is true or false. i ccan see that it looks like cuts, but it might as well be marks from tight braceletts!
    but i do think its kind of retardet that who ever posted this sais that becuz demi denies it, that must be fact. stupid

  15. Okay people,

    if you think demi isn’t a cutter than you are on crack. I’m a cutter so i know what the marks look like and those ARE cut marks i love Demi… so to me personally she needs to come clean..


    1. if your a cutter and think those are cuts, someone needs to teach you how to do it! i hate demi, but realy. its probably makeup so she can just get attention.

  16. rite en!!! mabie she is, mabie she aint?!!! but who cares!?

    im a cutter, SO FAKIN WAT! demi is a normal person like us, and she has the same feelins as us hasent she???!! ur all twats, cuuz ya know demi’s gonna get err eyes into this chat some how!!!

  17. There is no graze or anything there, Its quite clerly the markings from a tight hair band, I get them all the time from where I have tight hair bands on.

    If you look closely at the so called ‘cuts’ on her wrist, you can see that its not grazed at all, but smooth and redened.

    Give her a break.

  18. I think if Demi IS in fact a cutter, that’s her business. Many famous celebrities have cut themselves because of the stress of being under a microscope all day. Leave Demi and other stars alone! They are normal human beings who need their own space and time to just chill out.

  19. Its kind of annoying,like people commenting on miley,selena,demi
    etc.; like hate comments? If you dont have anythingg nice to say then dont say it at all. They all make mistakes,mistake the whole world gets to see! So dont treat them like somethingg different.
    && If you dont like them…then why the hell are you looking at their pictures?

    – demis awsome(:

  20. you know you can have a cut on your body without being a cutter. it happens to me all the time that I’ll get a cut on my wrist like from my dogs but that doesn’t mean anything. sorry but I love Demi and I gotta defend her!

  21. dude how do u get scares from “gummy braclets”. it dosen’t make that much sense. she wears a lot of long slevees and if shes not she’ll just cover it with makeup, how ever it looks like it (makeup) wore of and CUTTER!!! however the scares look old and not fresh so she could have cutted in her old school when she was bullied, one question remains: dose she still cut?

  22. sure and if ur demi then i’m nick jonas. lying demi deffeceve fag
    —however my freinds call me emo and i don’t see whats wrong with it, actully i find it hot.

  23. umm, those are cuts.
    she can say whatever she wants.

    bracelets don’t give you scars, they leave marks that go away after a few minutes.

  24. Demi Is My Idol And I She Wouldn’t Cut
    Someone Has Edited These Photos Coz The’re Probely Jolous Of Her Amazing Talent!…..xx!

  25. They do look like cuts.. no denying.. I’ve had bracelet marks on my wrists before and they do NOT look like that. Don’t cut yourself, Demi, You’ve got too much talent..

  26. wow this is so stupid. DEMI’S ALREADY A POSER! and for media IDIOTS, you cut down your arm not across your wrist! she already stole the emo style, now you want to put this crap up too?! ugh, everyone on Disgney is so anoying! she obviously doesnt cut, why? one: SHES A POSER NOT AN EMO. two: THATS NOT THE WAY TO CUT

  27. Why would a star as popular as she is cut herself someplace totally visible?, i know what cut marks look like, i have alot of emo friends, those are NOT cut marks, they may have happened accidentally like she says you know, it happens all the time, especially with people that like wearing bracelets

  28. If she is she should talk to someone or I dont know
    but I believe in her, because once I got many marks in my wrist because of a bracelet and everybody thought I had cut myself but I hadnt

  29. Obviously she is a cutter, because if she was wearing tight braceltes wouldn’t it make sense that the marks would be all around her wrist and not only in parts

  30. you know what , fuck you !

    so what if she is cutting herself?
    i know it’s serius and it looks verry real but if she is cutting herself she must have a reason.. and if she has .. she totaly has my back. We need to be there for her and defend her.. are we real fans or are we not? WELL I AM ONE.. AND DEMI YOU’RE MY ROLE MODEL FOR EVER ;; WHAT HAPPENS.. FOR ALWAYS & EVER

  31. I believe Demi isn’t a cutter but, this also happened before when she was wearing different bracelets but, different marks. =/ I’m still one of demi’s ##########1 fans but I’m just saying, i can under stand if she is cutting, technically because shes become famous so fast it’s probably hard on her. DEMI ROCKS NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!


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