The Soup

The boys were bashed on The Soup, well, like most of the featured celebs on it, anyway.
It talked about their upcoming movie with the Farting Dog.
The idea didn’t seem appealing for the JBnoys, either as seen on the poll. More thought it was a trick, meaning, they don’t like it.
Well, let’s hear what The Soup has to say too!
“Lou Gets Wind of Jonas Brothers Fart-Pic Gig” – Read More

As you may have heard, the latest news sweeping the tween nation is a red-hot flash of Jonas. The exciting Brothers J have signed on to make their big-screen debut in Walter the Farting Dog, an adaptation of the bestselling children’s book series about the cheese-cutting canine. Just who will be cast in the role of Walter is yet to be named, though The Soup’s own Lou the Chihuahua is keen for the job.
“This part is perfect for me,” he stated while noshing from a plate of dried cauliflower and fava beans, a particular favorite. “Obviously, I can act. And farting? Just ask anyone who’s ever been stuck in a small room with me. Even a short elevator ride, trust me, I can stink the thing up but good.”
“When it comes to farting in this business, Lou is definitely a go-to talent,” offered Rebecca Angostino, an agent at CFA, Creative Farting Artists. “But too much brown air can make a 10-hour day tough on set. Besides, there’s new talent breaking in these days that can provide the blast without the odor.”
“No problem,” responded Lou. “So I’ll lay off the frijoles and Vienna sausages. Look, I can give those Jonas punks the primo farts they’ll need to take this one to the top. Next thing you know, they’ll be smellin’ box office.”

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