Kevin Joe Nick Jonas-Lucas

Disney Channel recently released the logo of their upcoming series starring our favorite boys: JONAS!

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There have been quite a few changes in the story. From its previous meaning “Junior Operatives Networking as Spies”, Jonas now stands for the street where they live in, Jonas Street. Their last name was also modified.
Kevin Lucas, Joe Lucas, and Nick Lucas or the Lucas brothers are ordinary teenage boys who are in a band.

The show will also be starring Pinay-talent Nicole Gale Anderson! You can check out her IMDB here.

Here’s a video of her talking about JONAS with co-star Chelsea Staub:

Also, Entertainment Weekly got the first look on the show and they released a picture to boot!

“Jonas Brothers, ‘30 Rock’ Guests, and More First Looks” – Read More

With the Jonas Brothers’ half-hour Disney Channel show (debuting in May ‘09), expect brand-new music, guest stars (Big Rob! ”Bonus Jonas” Frankie!), and major high jinks. ”We’re trying to cook Mom a special birthday cake,” explains oldest sibling Kevin, 20, who’s wielding the fire extinguisher as Joe and Nick look on. ”We destroyed our family’s home videos, so we have to find ways to make up those memories.” From the looks of it, mission accomplished.

Thank you to NJO for this info and for more photos, check out their gallery: 1, 2

The show is scheduled to air on May 2009.
For us JBnoys, Disney Channel Asia will probably air it on a later date. But if you want it to premiere just about at the same time as the rest of the world sees it, sign the petition!

Sign it!
petition on JONAS-Asia release date


One thought on “Kevin Joe Nick Jonas-Lucas”

  1. The photo of Kevin using the fire extinguisher on the burning cake; the first time I saw that photo then the caption, really made me crake up.

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