My Response to ASK US ANYTHING JonasBrothers blog

So on behalf of the JBNOYS! (Jonas Brothers Filipino Fans) WE LOVE YOU!

Hi Kevin, Joe, and Nick,

I’m Ariane Lope from the Philippines and I am officially your first ever fan! i am the first filipino citizen who got your ever first album. I got it as a bday gift from my cousin. And as soon as i heard it BAM! im your 1st ever fan! i got the CD aug. 17, 2007 my bday is on May 10 so the package took over 3-4 months before i tgot to me. And im an internet freak lol i searched for the Jonas Brothers… dumdumdum i saw that you are released your 2nd album there you go i freaked out. I HAD TO BUY IT!!! unfortunately it was sold out in california thats where my cousin lived. So luckily you go more famous! the philippines released it here too care of Universal records MCA group. and they built And I’m excited for the WORLD TOUR! MY QUESTIONS:

1. When exactly is “THE WORLD TOUR”?some said FEB.2009? is that true?

2. Your first ever 3D movie is gonna hit the Big Screen on Jan. 2009 is that a World Wide Premiere month? or some countries may delay?

3. Are you excited to come in asia and meet you faithful fans? (like me)

4. (This question is optional)
* Do i have a chance to meet you including the whole family and other members of the band?
* Do i have a chance to have a VIP ID if ever your gonna have your tour here in the philippines?
* Is there a possibility that you would remember my 15 year old dramatic name “Rose Ariane”?

Well thats all Jonas Bros. i hope to here from you super soon.

Lots of Love!

~Rose Ariane Pearl Lope, 15 yr. old, from The Philippines

[My Blog and my YouTube or /ArianeLope]

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