Teen Choice Awards 2008

i made this one!!

Was super uber duper great! the Jonas Brothers was obviously super funny! Nick and Joe did there signature move, that was super funny, and i even more liked it when miley said “that was a nice flip nick…” regardless all the rumor about miley and nick; isn’t that supposed to be awkward to people? AH! the ACDC definitely won it! they were really amazing and Chris Brown came in stage by surprise! Adam Sevani is wickedly GOOD! M&M were good too but they were too poppy. What else… Oh yea at the beginning miley sung her new single 7 things and in the mid-end she went close to Fergie and to Selena Gomez and the line that miley was singing “my dear…” w/ Selena but selena’s voice wasn’t heard. Anyways its so nice that their friends i think Selena is a fan of miley, anyways Demi Lovato was there too wow! to think people! Miley, Selena, Demi and The Jonas Brothers all at same walls i mean whoa… fans are probably freaked out! Miley and Selena are currently linked to Nick fans call it Niley and Nelena, while Demi and Joe were linked before, but now… Nick said in an interview that Demi is CUTE… hhhmmm.. now theres Niley, Nelena, and Nemi. Somehow its like a toungue twister (hehehe).

So enough talk theres more to say probably i’ll post a video, so watch out!!!!

THANKS FOR REAdin! take care!


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